Getting home after the rally

Just as important as planning your journey to the assembly area is thinking about how you will get home again afterwards.

If everyone tried to use the same tube stations at the same time, then there will be big delays. So we have three top tips for getting home after the event.

Our three top tips for getting home after the event are:

  • stagger departures – We are deliberately breaking the rally into four segments to give early arrivals the chance to leave. This will also give late arrivals an opportunity to get closer to the stage.
  • avoid the nearest stations if you can – There are many more public transport options if you are prepared for a short walk. Below you will find advice and maps that can help you avoid the nearest tube stations.
  • keep on top of travel news – we will use the giant screens, dot matrix displays that we are installing in Hyde Park, announcements from the stage and of course the @march26march Twitter account to provide the latest travel information that we have. We will be working closely on the day with Transport for London to provide information.

And please don’t leave by the same gate as the march is entering until everyone’s arrived. There are nearby gates that you can use instead.

Travelling home by coach

The briefings that we have written for coach passengers have instructions on how to get back to the three areas we are using for coach parking:

Travelling home by public transport

There will be great pressure on Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner stations. You are best advised to avoid these, and if they get too congested they may well be closed for perfectly understandable health and safety reasons.

The one significant closure that we know about in advance is that the Central Line to the west of Marble Arch will be closed. If you are heading west by public transport we would recommend Knightsbridge for the Piccadilly Line;  Paddington for mainline trains and Metropolitan trains to Hammersmith; and Sloane Square for the District line.

If you are walking to Green Park and are leaving Hyde Park before the march has finished arriving, please avoid walking along Piccadilly against the direction of the march. Instead you should leave by the Upper Brook St gate which is directly in front of the stage. You should then cross Park Lane and walk along Upper Brook St to Grosvenor Square and then head south. The coach briefing leaflet on how to get to ExCel has a map of this walking route ExCel coach briefing

This Hyde Park map provides an overview of exits and the direction of stations.

Hyde Park exits and station info

click for a larger version

You can also download a more detailed PDF map or explore
Hyde Park exits for March for the Alternative in a Google map. You may want to print out the relevant parts of the Google map before you come.

These are our suggested stations for your homeward journey. Choose the line that will require the fewest changes, particularly at stations near to the rally. You should double check the TFL closures list too.

  • Central Line – This is closed to the west of Marble Arch, which means that Lancaster Gate station will be closed. Marble Arch station is likely to be congested so you may want to walk to Bond St or Oxford Circus, or use another line home.
  • District and Circle Line – Walk to Sloane Square or Victoria. Note the District Line is closed to the east of Tower Hill.
  • Metropolitan and Circle Line – Walk to Paddington or Edgware Road – Note the Circle Line is running on its old circular route and closed between Edgware Rod and Hemmersmith – although this section wil be covered by the Metropolitan line.
  • Piccadilly Line – Hyde Park Corner will be very congested and is best avoided. Knightsbridge, Green Park and Piccadilly Circus stations are alternatives
  • Bakerloo Line – Walk to Paddington, Baker St, Edgware Road or Oxford Circus
  • Northern Line – there’s no nearby station, so you can either walk right along Oxford St to Tottenham Court Road or risk changing
  • Victoria Line – walk to Victoria, Green Park or Oxford Circus
  • Jubilee Line – walk to Green Park or Bond Street

Mainline stations

  • Victoria – walk
  • Paddington- walk
  • Euston – walk to Edgware Road or Paddington and get the Circle or Metropolitan line to Euston Square. The Victoria line from Green Park is an alternative, but we expect Green Park to be congested.
  • Kings Cross – walk to Edgware Road or Paddington and get the Circle or Metropolitan line to Kings Cross. The Piccadilly line is an alternative, but Hyde Park Corner is likely to be heavily congested and may have to close.
  • Liverpool Street – The Central line is the obvious route, but is likely to be heavily congested. Better options are likely to be the Circle line from Sloane Square or Victoria; or the Circle or Metropolitan from Paddington or Edgware Road
  • Waterloo – The Jubilee line from Green Park could be congested. Alternatives are the Bakerloo line from Baker Street or Oxford Circus – or the Circle or District from Sloane Square or Victoria to Embankment, and then walk across the river.
  • London Bridge – The Jubilee Line from Green Park is the only direct route. An alternative is to get the Circle or District from Sloane Square or Victoria to Monument and change on to the Northern line.

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