Saturday 26 March 2011 – One Amazing Day

Half a million march against the government’s plans for cuts

Thanks to the up to half a million who marched in Central London today. A huge turnout from many trade unions and community organisations meant the march ran for five hours – a solid swathe of marchers from Blackfriars to Hyde Park – with people travelling from all over the country. Many hundreds of specially laid on coaches ran from places as far away as Aberdeen – a real committment!

The march sent a strong signal to the government that those opposing their fast and deep public spending cuts are not an easily ignored minority. In fact, as YouGov has shown, we’re now the mainstream majority.

Big as the march was, it is only one step in a larger campaign, and there will be a lot to fight for in coming months. Check out False Economy’s listings of anti-cuts groups and actions near you, to see what’s going on in your own area.

Thanks to flickr user Steve McInerny for setting up a flickr group for march photos – which now has over 1,500 pictures uploaded to it. We’ve used it to make this photo and video wall – Check out how people who were there saw it by scrolling the wall and clicking on the photos.

You can watch more videos from the rally on the TUC’s Vimeo pages.

And view messages of solidarity from disabled people and their supporters at Disabled People Against Cuts’ site.