Step Forward: The campaign for an alternative continues

The half million people who joined the March for the Alternative sent a strong signal to the government that those opposing their fast and deep public spending cuts are not an easily ignored minority. In fact, as YouGov has shown, we’re now the mainstream majority.

Big as the march was though, it is only one step in a larger campaign, and there will be a lot to fight for in coming months. Here are some of our suggestions for further actions you can get involved in:

Think national, act local:

local campaigns will be a crucial battleground if we’re to turn around unfair spending cuts. Groups all over the country are active in resisting damage to local services, and there is plenty of scope to get involved wherever you live.

Check out False Economy’s listings of anti-cuts groups and actions near you, to see what’s going on in your own area.

Keep on keeping online:

Besides False Economy, many other groups are campaigning online against cuts to public spending and public services. The TUC’s Going to Work network, and 38 Degrees both conduct online actions, and here are a number of current campaign actions in this area: