Travelling to the March

We know the march is going to be huge. This is exactly as we want it to be. It will be the sheer numbers involved that will send a powerful message to the government.

But large numbers will put pressure on our assembly area and on transport to and from the event. So we have put together some briefings and advice on how best to get to and from the march and rally. We obviously cannot guarantee hassle-free journeys, but we hope this advice will help.

Do be prepared for a certain amount of congestion and waiting, particularly at the Assembly area.

Travellers by coach

We have asked every coach to appoint a travel steward so that we can send out a detailed briefing by email in advance and keep in touch if necessary on the day.

We have also produced three briefings for coach passengers based on the three areas we are using for coach parking. These include maps of the coach parks, instructions on how to reach the assembly area and a map showing how to get to public transport for travel to your coach park from Hyde Park. Click on these links to download a pdf.

Arriving at the Assembly Area

The march will initially form up along Victoria Embankment, but we expect this area to fill up quite quickly and the march will then extend along Upper and Lower Thames St towards Tower Hill.

We will have stewards on approach roads to the area who will guide people to the rear of the march once areas are full.

Here’s a map of the form up area:

View March for the Alternative assembly in a larger map

We will be working closely with Transport for London on the day too. It is likely that they will close stations once areas are full, and we expect that they will make announcements on the day that will help people join the rear of the march.

Our three top tips for getting to the march are:

  • Stagger arrival times – the march will still be leaving the assembly area well after 2pm. You will probably have much less hanging around if you arrive later, rather than earlier. That will also help those who have come long distances and and face long journeys home join the front of the march so they can get to Hyde Park and hear some of the rally before leaving.
  • Arrive from the rear of the march – unless you are arriving very early you will find it much easier to join from the rear of the march. Once the Embankment is full our stewards will divert people via other roads to the rear of the march so it will save your legs if arrive from stations behind the march.
  • Follow @march26march on Twitter for up to date information on transport arrangements on the day.

Which stations should I use for arrival?

Check the TFL website for planned closures. We’ve tried to deal with those near to the march, but there are also closures in East London on thew District and Metropolitain lines.

You should work out the nearest station that does not involve changing near to the assembly area. Much of the tube also has pretty poor accessiblity, so check TFL’s pdf map of accessible transport links. We would suggest the following:

  • District line – only think of using Embankment or Temple if you are going to be early – and listen for announcements on the tube. Most people will find either Mansion House or Monument better bets. (Blackfriars station is currently closed.) Tower Hill has the advantage of being close to the road on which the march is assembling so you can walk along it until you reach the rear, though the District line is closed to the east of Tower Hill.
  • Circle and Metropolitan lines – Circle is as for the District line, but for both Circle and Metropolitan lines you can also use Farringdon tube as it’s not far from Blackfriars Bridge, and if you are coming later Liverpool Street or Aldgate  may be better bets. The Circle line is running on its old circular route, and closed between Edgware Road and Hammersmith.
  • Jubilee line – if you are early then Waterloo is appropriate, but most people will find Southwark or London Bridge the most useful stations. Southwark is close to the south side of Blackfriars Bridge and London Bridge is good for Southwark Bridge.
  • Central line – if you are early then Holborn is the best bet, but if you arraive later you will be diverted along the Strand to the rear of the march. Chancery Lane and St Pauls are possible later options, with Bank probably the best bet for later arrivals. The Central line will be closed west of Marble Arch.
  • Piccadilly line – Holborn is the only Piccadilly line station anywhere near the assembly area. (Covent Garden only has lifts and is to be avoided). Holborn will be fine for early arrivals, but if you are coming later then you may need to change to get to a station nearer the rear.
  • Northern and Bakerloo lines – Early arrivals can use Embankment, but Waterloo will be better for the big majority of marchers. Stewards may divert you south of the river to Blackfriars or Southwark Bridge.
  • Victoria Line - This is the one line which does not go near the assembly area.

From mainline stations

  • Waterloo – walk across the bridge or follow stewards’ instructions to cross at other bridges towards the rear of the march
  • London Bridge – if you are early take the Jubilee Line to Waterloo or Southwark, if you are later you should walk to Southwark Bridge along the Thames Path
  • Liverpool St – You can get the  Central Line or Circle Line as above, or if you are arriving later you may want to walk
  • Kings Cross - see above for Piccadilly or Circle Line – Farringdon is only a few stops.
  • Euston -  Northern Line to Waterloo if you are early or to Bank if you arrive later.
  • Paddington – Bakerloo Line as above or Circle Line if you arrive later.
  • Victoria – Circle and District Lines as above

5 Responses to “Travelling to the March”

  1. Rosie Wilson says:

    I’m travelling from Newcastle by train provided through Northern TUC. We leave at 6.35 (!) so I’m not worried about getting there. I am slightly bothered about getting back to Kings Cross for the train back at 4pm though. I can’t afford to buy a ticket on the day to get a later train, let alone stay overnight..

    • Staticgirl says:

      Hi Rosie

      It sounds like it will all depend on where in the March you are. If you are near the front you will have plenty of time to get to Hyde Park, have a mooch and then leave for somewhere like marble arch tube.

      If you are towards the back it might be necessary to leave the march whilst it is still moving. As long as you have made your feelings clear as you walk past Westminster Palace you’ll have done your bit.

      Your commitment is amazing!

  2. Neil Watson says:

    I will go if I can get a lift from Middlesbrough please?


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