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Here’s some coverage we liked

Lots of interesting coverage and discussion of the march today and yesterday.

Here are some links we like (without necessarily endorsing all the arguments) – and of course there’s lots more good stuff that we won’t have seen.

What are we marching for?

There have been two interesting and useful contributions to the debate about what we are marching for.

In yesterday’s Guardian, George Monbiot suggested that we were not clear enough about the alternative and could not boil it down to a flyer (though we quite like being called “brilliant and brave”).

We’ve done our best to set out both the arguments against the cuts and the alternative – and boiled down to bullet points the alternative reads:

Get your March 26 message in your local press

  • Are you coming to London for the TUC March for the Alternative on Saturday 26 March?
  • Are you coming in a group with family, friends or colleagues?
  • Is this the first time you’ve been on a march?
  • Are you marching to protest about losing your job, or cuts in local services?

Regional and local media – newspapers, broadcast and online – are always on the lookout for a good local angle on what will be the important national story of the TUC March for the Alternative. If you’re coming on the march and you feel you have a good story to tell, why not approach your local media to see if they are interested in featuring you?

Coming on the March for the Alternative? Please tell us your story

Over the next few months the TUC will be raising the profile of the march so that as many people as possible come along.

An important way to raise its profile is to generate lots of media exposure with stories and features across newspapers, magazines, TV and radio.

The stories that most interest readers and listeners are ones that explain the impact of cuts through the lives of everyday people.