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There are no official feeder marches!

A number of people approached us some weeks ago about organising feeder marches on March 26th. We thought long and hard about this, but decided against, other than the TUC stewarded short assembly point in St James St for those unable to march the whole route. There are a number of reasons for this, but [...]

South London Coach Parking Spaces Now Available

We have now secured nearly 400 parking places across two south London locations – New Covent Garden near Vauxhall and the iconic Battersea Power Station. These two coach parks are very close to each other in SW8. They will be ideally located for coaches coming in from Wales, the south west and the south coast.

Latest arrangements for Access and Disability

We are continuing to work hard to make the March for the Alternative as accessible as is practical. Here are our updated arrangements for three different assembly points for people with impaired mobility.

Coach parking arrangements update

We are now in a position to provide a bit more information about coach parking and drop-offs for the March for the Alternative. This is not the final plan and we are still working on a number of other locations, which we’ll publicise as we’re able to confirm them.

We are closely co-operating with the Passenger Transport Confederation – the trade body for coach firms – and in general it is up to your coach company to make the arrangements for parking and drop off. So if necessary please pass this information on to your coach company.

March for the Alternative: The phone App

What with there being an app for everything these days, we thought there should be one for the March for the Alternative too.

It’s a basic toolkit for people coming on the march, with a key locations map, logistical info, background on the case against cuts and a live feed of updates from our Twitter account (though you don’t need to use Twitter yourself to read it).