It’s tomorrow!

Last minute check list:

Here are a few tips to make it easier to take part. Some obvious, some maybe less so – but hopefully all helpful!

Stagger your arrival times:
The march assembles from 11am, but it will still be leaving at 2pm and possibly even later. Londoners might want to arrive later on. It’ll reduce your waiting times on the Embankment, as well as letting colleagues who’ve come the furthest distances to more easily get to their early coaches home.

Arrive from the rear of the march:
The front of the march will be forming up from  Embankment tube, but unless you are coming very early, please use stations further back as when the Embankment is full we will need to route people to the rear via side streets.  So think stations like Southwark, Mansion House, Bank and Farringdon. There is detailed advice on our website.

Be Patient:

The form up in particular will take some time. People arriving at the assembly area from side-streets and across bridges may have to queue to join the march. So if you need to wait, this is simply because the assembly area is full.

Follow @march26march on Twitter:
for our official information on where to join the march and what is going on. We’re going to be using the hashtag #26march, so please do share your photos and tweets with us – we’d love to see them!

Get the App for your phone:
The March for the Alternative app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones, and is an easy way to see the official Twitter updates for those who don’t normally use Twitter. It also has maps and logistical information, as well as background on the case against the cuts.

Prepare for a long day:
It’s a big march, and will keep you occupied for hours. Make sure to stock up with food, drink, any medicines or inhalers you might need, suitable clothing for different times of day, and most definitely comfortable footwear.

Think about your homewards journey: The nearest stations will be rammed, but there are a surprising number of stations within walking distance of Hyde Park, which might get you away more quickly. And early arrivals in Hyde Park should feel free to leave before the rally ends. That frees room for those coming later and will help stagger journeys home.

But most of all – turn up and enjoy the day! This march is going to be big, and it will be a clear sign that public opinion is turning against the coalition’s plans to reduce the deficit through cuts. After tomorrow, nobody will be able to say there isn’t a clear demand for an alternative to cuts!

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