Good stewarding will be an important part of making this a safe, family-friendly day out.

The TUC is directly recruiting some 2-300 senior stewards who will undergo a day’s training before the event. We will also be employing professional stewards for some parts of the event.

But we are also looking for hundreds of volunteers to be what we are calling route stewards.

People often worry that being a steward means having to deal with trouble-makers. This is not the role of route stewards. The job is rather about keeping the march moving and knowing what to do if issues arise such as a lost child or if someone is injured or taken ill. There will be senior stewards all along the route of the march, and other ways of reporting issues to march organisers. Route stewards coming with an organised group of marchers can stay in the section of the march with their group.

We are also asking every group travelling together to the march to nominate a travel steward. This role can be easily combined with being a route steward, but does not have to be. Travel stewards are there to assist with the travel arrangements for their group. We would ask them to supply contact details so that we can provide pre-march briefings and any necessary updates via SMS text on the day.