March 26 solidarity map: Disabled people and allies

Can’t make the march, but want to show your support? We’re backing this initiative of Disabled People Against Cuts and Beyond Clicktivism to map solidarity messages around the country from disabled people and allies who cannot make it to the march.

View TUC 26thMarch DPAC online Protest in a larger map

To add your own message of solidarity and be added to the DPAC virtual protest map, please email with your name, post code (the map will only use the first part, so as not to pinpoint people exactly), small photo if you like, and a message of support. There’s more about the map on the DPAC site.

13 Responses to “March 26 solidarity map: Disabled people and allies”

  1. karen lynch says:

    Hi , watching the march on TV now …. couldnt make it myself as I have 3 ASD children , but thankyou to those that are out there , making the point that all disabled people matter and these cuts are a serious problem for all !

  2. Grannie Loves Pink says:

    Cannot be in London, but health allowing will be at the City Hall in Belfast supporting the RCN, staff, members and their patients.

  3. Kathy says:

    Can’t be there tomorrow but just wanting to thank those who are protesting on our behalf.

    Stay safe!

    Together we are stronger.

    Thank you.

  4. Zec Richardson says:

    I can’t make the day, thank you to all those going on our behalf!

    • Cassandra says:

      You’re very welcome ! I am disabled and shall crawl all the way to Hyde Park tomorrow and am more than happy to do so on behalf of all the supporters of the anti cut campaigns who can’t make it. We are even bringing extra placards should anyone need any ! :)

      Our government is trying to implement ideologically based policies and trying to sell those to us under the guise of financial necessity. A big fat lie. Thatcher part 2 and not even by the back door. This country and its public services is being dismantle brick by brick and we must not let it happen.

      Time for us to stand up and let those greedy millionaires know that we shall not be pushed. Lose we might but we shall go down fighting for our rights as citizens.

      Tax evasion and tax loopholes are costing this country billions ( quite literally) and should those who have the most truly shoulder the cost they owe this Nation we would probably have a surplus. Not one job should be cut, not one library, youth club , elderly day care centre until the billionaires and the multi-national corporations are made to pay their dues. Not once cent of public spending cut until then.

      Solidarity is the only thing which will make us stronger. Similar events are going on in the US in Wisconsin and Michigan for example where workers and unions are being abused by corrupt politicians. we must all stand together . United we stand , divided we fall.

      Let us show this government tomorrow , that we mean business. This is only the beginning and we must keep up the good fight and carry on relentlessly with those campaigns. Political Apathy is the most dangerous enemy of democracy in my opinion.

  5. Helen says:

    Hi all

    Those unable to make the March on Saturday might want to check out our easy campaign tool to join the protest from home – 3 quick and simple things to do to send the government a message that there is an alternative.


  6. Cannot attend as virtually housebound, yet feel it is IMPERATIVE that those of us who are unable to show our solidarity in person are given the opportunity to have our voices heard and to carry a very loud and clear message to this pernicious excuse for a government, that we, the British people, are not prepared to lie down and roll over when the very weakest and most vulnerable among us, (not to mention the average working-class family), are being attacked from all angles, and seeing their standards of living stripped to the very bone – whilst the greedy ‘financiers’ who caused all this crisis, are laughing their heads off all the way to the bank. We must topple this dangerous and unelected parliament, before it brings this country to it’s knees!.

  7. Holly Clift-Matthews says:

    Hello. I am a student doing some work for The Independent and we are looking for people willing to have their photo taken (or send us one) and answer some questions for us. You will likely be in an article in The Independent on Sunday. We are looking for anyone who is disabled and joining in the protest from home, a first-time protestor, someone who is newly redundant, someone very anti-war and perhaps a child. Please feel free to contact me: if you are interested in being in the paper. Thank you.

  8. We need placards bearing support slogans from the Met and Armed services. The cops and military are also bearing the brunt of the Governments cuts and obviously can’t openly demonstrate against the Government: we need them on our side. What’s needed are demonstrators to carry signs showing ‘their’ support, viz: “The Armed Forces Support Peaceful Demonstrations against the Cuts”, “The Metropolitan Police Support Peaceful Demonstrations against the Cuts” etc etc.

    This tactic hasn’t been used before and we believe it will have a significant impact. We also need a large number of demonstrators who will be focused on ‘bonding’ with the police to encourage their sympathy/support – rather than confrontation..

  9. Hi I am a disabled penioner who has just been hit by the cuts for the first time. Westminster City Council increased minimum contribrution by a £1 and decreased their contribution by £1.50 for rides on the Taxicard scheme. Also considering further changes including financial assessment and eligibility. Would have loved to be on the march but my support on-going. This coalition government has no idea how the majority of people live/make ends meet. Keep up the good work.

  10. colin rolfe says:

    Due to ill health i will not be able to attend but my heart and sole will be there. I hope that it turns out to be a wonderful event and trouble free. This coalition government has no remit to the planned and devistating cuts it is proposing and that the public has no confidence in the way it is handling the economy. Have a great day.

  11. c churchill says:

    thank u for setting this up! sending much support for saturday and hoping it stays safe. We are standing up for the truth and standing up to the ego greed injustice.


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