March 26 solidarity map

We want to make it easy for as many people as possible to get involved with the March for the Alternative, to show just how widely people are concerned about the government’s programme of fast, deep spending cuts. We’re trying to make the day’s events accessible to disabled people, with a short march point and a static protest, but we appreciate there will be lots of people around the country who aren’t able to make it along at all.

We’re backing an initiative of Disabled People Against Cuts and Beyond Clicktivism to produce an online map in solidarity for disabled people who cannot make it to the 26thMarch rally.

If you want to get involved, here are some instructions from DPAC:

We have an e-mail account where you can send a short message – please not stories but you can add a photo/image (please make it a small file – like a thumbnail) with it – with your post code, just the first part to be able to position on the map but not to actually pinpoint your actual address. And if you do not know how to change the size of your photo, we can do it for you. But the more you do, obviously, the more you can help us to get as many in as possible.

I give you an example:

example of image Name to be displayed on message: Eleanor L.

Post code CV1

Message – I wish all success for a powerful message of the disabled people against the cuts  in protest! I am there in spirit and will be looking eagerly for news. I am a wheelchair user and am angry at the attack of the Tory lead Government against disabled people with the cuts – which affect all of us, with visible and invisible impairments. Solidarity with everybody who is marching!

This will be monitored against trolls, and inappropriate material.

And e-mail to

Please get involved if you can – It’ll be great to see support coming in from all around the country. We’ll be featuring the map on this site, as well as on DPAC and Beyond Clicktivism.

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