Can’t march with us? There’s loads more ways to get involved

The March for the Alternative is expected to be the largest civil society demonstration in many years. However we realise that it’s not practical or feasible for everyone join in the march. If you’re not attending the march, you can still help to create an online protest that matches that on the London streets. Here are some suggestions, courtesy of our friends at False Economy.

  • Add a step. Add a twibbon to your Facebook or Twitter profile and help publicise the March for the Alternative. Or choose one of these 26 March twibbons: #26March and 26Marching
  • Take your own step. Add your own marching image to your Facebook profile and update your status to why you are supporting the march: “I’m taking a step for Preston Library on 26 March”, “I’m marching to cut the cuts”.
  • Get tweeting. Encourage everyone to take a step for the alternative – use the hashtags #26March and #stepforward
  • Join the Armchair Army‘s virtual march, and help them bombard the media.
  • Email your message of solidarity to the virtual protest organised by Disabled People Against Cuts and Beyond Clicktivism.
  • Submit your own protest: Made a banner, artwork or other creative work to protest against the cuts? Add it to Virtual Protest.
  • Ask your charity, voluntary or community group to ‘take a step’ for the alternative and support the campaign. Get them to tweet about the savage and unfair effect of the cuts on those they work with.
  • Tell your story about the effect of the cuts on False Economy – use the “Add a cut” and “Add a testimony” buttons to put your own story on the map.

6 Responses to “Can’t march with us? There’s loads more ways to get involved”

  1. Nick says:

    Congratulations to everyone.

    I’ve seen fantastic pictures throughout the day of the rally.

    It was great to see so many people from all over the UK and from such a wide cross section marching together.


  2. Emma says:

    Best wishes to everyone marching today – great to see such a diverse crowd out there representing so many public services
    I am a council worker seeing the effect of the cuts from the inside of a public service and it is devastating. There are alternatives – I feel enormously proud of everyone out today making a difference.

  3. Dave Ramsbottom says:

    Good luck with the march and more importantly the resulting successes.

    it might also be prudent to remind those empployed, who moan about unions, that their working conditions would be a lot worse without a TU. Including ALL politicians.

    againa, good luck.

    • Charlotte Ates says:

      As someone facing compulsory redundancies at a Further Education college, where courses have been cut already – I fully support the march. I would be there if I could but will be marching against education cuts in Scotland in mid-May.

  4. Joy & Maurice says:

    As a retired civil servant I fully support tomorrows action as does my partner who worked in the private sector.
    Unfortunately we are unable to be there tomorrow but will be there in spirit.
    Lets hope the government realise how strongly people feel and how severely the majority of people are affected.
    Well done and all the best to everyone on the march.

  5. Clayton Doyle says:

    I set up a “VIRTUAL March For The Alternative” on Facebook for friends & colleagues who are unable to attend tomorrow’s march. At the time of writing there are 21 people attending this “event”, 1 of whom (me) will be attending the march itself.
    I’d hoped that it would snowball through friend of friend suggestions, but 20 “virtual” marchers is better than none.
    The link is: